About us

Dear Customers! 

Welcome to our Online Webshop of ZATimpex, a company founded in 2012 in the UK. ZATimpex specialises in sourcing the most beautiful hand-made Transylvanian Folk Art directly from the artisans, and bringing them ourselves all the way to you, overland. No merchants, factories or shipping companies are involved and we can guarantee that your purchase will be totally unique. The tradition of folk art has been around for generations in Transylvania, and in the 21st century is in danger of being overtaken by kitsch and "tourist" products so that the artisans may survive, even knock-off low quality copies from China have been infiltrating the market. By buying from us, you are helping guard this ancient art from the ravages of the modern day, and enabling it to continue for generations to come. 

Being an importer, we are fiercely pro-European and are selling a sticker so you too can pin your colours to the mast, as it were.

In October 2016 we started to sell T-Shirts, inspired by a nostalgia for produce of the Eastern Bloc, such as vehicles including the famous Trabant, the Wartburg, Lada and Volga. 

Now we have started ZATimpex Intertrans, the transport division of ZATimpex, we specialise in taking your precious goods to the continent of Europe, directly and without let or hindrance. 

ZATimpex has an alternative existence as the National State Owned Import/Export Company of Republika Zaranska. We urge you to visit the blog site of Our Beautiful Country to gain an insight into its culture and life. You will find it at www.zatimpex.blogspot.com and also on Facebook as "Citizens of Republika Zaranska" Some products from Our Beautiful Country will also be available here at ZATimpex.com.

ZATimpex is registered at Companies House in the United Kingdom as ZATIMPEX LTD with company number 07934166