ZATimpex Intertrans

ZATimpex Intertrans

ZATimpex Intertrans is the new European transport division of ZATimpex Ltd. Based in Reading, UK, we offer a bespoke courier solution for deliveries to the European Union and around the UK. 

  • Professional drivers who speak several languages each
Our drivers speak English, German, Hungarian, French and Italian. This enables easier communication on the journey and at the destination, giving a far better impression to your customer. 
  • Years of continental driving experience
Our drivers have spent years driving professionally, from vans up to articulated trucks. They actually enjoy driving and take great pleasure in long distance travel. Happy drivers means happy customers.
  • Direct to destination delivery - no handling risks

Having worked in the delivery industry, our directors have seen first hand the risks involved in sending items through conventional networks. Items being thrown, crushed, dropped, forgotten, damaged, soaked, and even vandalised. A van with driver may turn up to pick up your goods, then returns to the local depot where they are thrown off the van and put on a conveyor belt into a large truck where two people pack your items with all the others as best they can as the other boxes fall off the end of the belt, then off the truck goes to the hub where all the items are unloaded and sorted by tired workers on minimum wage who have no personal interest whatsoever in the well-being of your package. Similarly with the pallet network there are risks of crushing and forklift dropping accidents.

With ZATimpex Intertrans, all these risks are eliminated. The driver who picks up your goods will be the one to deliver them. Our drivers take a personal interest in making sure your package arrives in the condition in which it was sent, we will take a photograph at both ends of the journey.

  • Double-crewed vehicles ensure timely delivery

With two drivers on board, fatigue is reduced, journey times are reduced and we can drive directly to your destination. Thus we can offer a next day service to many locations in Western Europe. For example, a Monday pick up could be in Munich by Tuesday early afternoon.

  • Packaging materials on board, no need to waste money and time
We have shrinkwrap, bubblewrap, blankets and straps on board to ensure your precious goods are kept in place and protected.

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